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Our story

During my early years, my younger sister and I were brought up by our grandparents due to our parents' work commitments and our modest family circumstances. Despite the distance, our parents' love manifested in the form of thoughtful gifts, particularly a shared blanket that, to me, was priceless, imbued with the warmth and scent of my mother.

Mindfully designed

Fast forward to today, I've channeled those cherished childhood memories and the love of my mother into creating a baby product brand. Our mission is to offer each child a "gift" that is not only safe and comfortable, but also beautiful, encapsulating the joy of childhood. We aspire to surround children with happiness while providing parents with products that are high-quality and trustworthy.

Share the Joy with Loved Ones

Our brand stands on the pillars of love, comfort, and nostalgia. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful and quality baby products. Each product we make is a promise of a warm, safe, and joyful childhood, much like the comfort I found in my mother's blanket.

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